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U3a Committee meeting

July 5th 2018


1. Present: Linda Nolan Linda Dewis, Sukie Tomass, Peter Brookes, Peter Snowden, Peter Treadgold, Jane Owen Hutchinson, Cindy Davis, Cathy Walls


2. Apologies: Philip Gorin, John Herve,


3. Minutes of the last committee meeting: these were approved and signed


4. Matters arising:


5. Chairman’s report:

Our annual lunch last month was a great success; with everyone telling me how much they enjoyed it. The hotel had put together a sufficiently varied menu to please our taste buds; and I did notice how sociable we all were. My thanks to all who joined in to make it a successful event; and of course a big thank you to Anne McKinnon for organising it.

Later on this month we have the driving safer for longer presentation to look forward to. Red1 who will be giving the talk have confirmed they are coming, (always good to know); I will provide the venue with numbers as well as double-check that all our requirements will be in place.


6. Treasurer’s Report:

Separate sheet


7. Secretary’s Report:

I have received the following documents:

Voting papers:officers

Voting paper : ordinary

Agm information pack

Conference workshops and booking forms

Supporting statement from the nominees

Draft minutes from AGM 2017

Updated third age trust privacy policy

Autumn events flyer

U3a impact report -advance copy : given to Suki for review to be used at group leaders meeting

We had a letter to say we must not use the term “capitation” it should be referred to as “Memberships Subscription” Letter to be given to Phillip


8. Membership Secretary’s Report:

Following last month’s meeting, the policy documents relating to data privacy have been added to the repository (under “Member Documents”) and also added to the website by our excellent Web Officer (as one entry including all 3).

The Privacy Policy is available to give to new members. If we get any!


Numbers for this month:

Total membership now 487, email available to 406, 217 agreed to gift aid.

By 6 July last year we had 481 members – June is a slow month each year, it seems.


Document updating

I updated the leaflet.

Will send for a print run of 100.

Jane said posters are currently ok.


9. Group Co-ordinator’s Report:

New U3A Group – Ten-Pin Bowling

*Jay Field is stepping down from running the Sunday Lunch Club so I will advertising in the newsletter for a new group leader to be guided into the post by Jay.

*The skittles group are moving back to Boots and Laces at Plainmoor due to problems at the Prince of Orange, Philip Gorin, the group leader has made all the arrangements to inform people.

*The Ten Pin Bowling group is about to start up, as we now have 10 people showing an interest in this new group it will be 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 11am. starting on 10th September at 11am)

These will be held at the THL Derwent Hotel in the Aztec Games Area and there is usually free parking spaces directly outside the entrance via Chestnut Avenue. It has been previously agreed with the manager a cost of £5 for 2 sessions and will confirm this later.

10. Speaker Finder’s Report:

Very little to report as all speakers are booked for 2019 except for December. I have emailed Mike Thompson to enquire whether he would be available in December but he has not yet replied.


11. Newsletter Issues:

Peter is away in September so need a volunteer to put newsletter together for August, so Linda D and Linda N will put it together.


12. Newsletter Distribution Report:

We again need 81 printed newsletters to distribute, so please arrange to print 90 (spares to Jane)


13. Welfare Officer’s Report:

No new referrals but continues to phone and visits regulars


14. Publicity Report:


15 New members report

2 new potential members at the meeting in July, no new members at coffee morning. The Lawes Bridge post office will no longer display a poster for free


16 Outings

September 6th - Princetown, Dartmoor Coach leaves rear of Torquay Train Station 10:00am. - £20 includes coach, tour and museums. Return around 6pm. This will make a good foundation when Pip Barker comes to speak in September.


December 8th – Longleat Festival of Lights – This day trip is being organised by Bennett’s coaches and I have provisionally verbally booked 20 seats. It leaves Torquay between 7:10am and 8am with various pick ups and returns around 8:30pm costing £34. This would include coach, safari drive thro, admission to house and the festive lights. Deposits of £20 (non refundable) required asap to hold these seats. So far Bennett’s have one coach fully booked. I will need a deposit of £20 (non refundable) asap.


17. Notice board


18. Regional News and South Devon Link:

Talk on Tuesday 21st August “Keeping it Legal” at the Devon Motel Exeter, 10.00 - 3.00

20th September at Devon Motel an interest group “Interests Group Matter, National Workshop “


19 Website: Changes are in the process of being made


19. AOB:

  1. We need help with setting up PA system for September, Linda N to ask at August meeting
  2. Suggested we have study session about applying for Benefits and Allowances and mobility and other issues for next year. To be organised by a sub committee A good title would be “It’s not just bus passes”




The meeting closed at 11.25




Signed Linda Nolan

date 2nd August




Torbay U3A
Registered Charity Number

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