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U3a Committee Meeting

December 6th 2018

1. Present: Linda Nolan Linda Dewis, Sukie Tomass , Philip Gorin, Peter Brookes, Peter Snowden, Peter Treadgold, John Herve, Cathy Walls, Cindy Davies

2. Apologies: Jane Owen Hutchinson

3. Minutes of the last committee meeting: these were approved and signed

4. Matters arising:

5. Chairman’s report:

Here we are, almost at the end of another year with U3A; which with the setting up of new groups and special events and trips has certainly been a busy one. Thanks to the efforts of our committee and the enthusiasm of our members our U3A continues to grow and develop. Judging from the response to our annual Group Leaders meeting (29 December), our year is certainly ending on a high note. It was obvious to all who attended how well the committee members worked together to ensure the smooth running of the day. On behalf of all of our members I would like to thank everyone involved in making the day a success.

With our plans to hold two more special events next year, 2019 will be just as busy and successful.

6. Treasurer’s Report:

Separate sheet as circulated Click here

7. Secretary’s Report: nothing to report

8. Membership Secretary’s Report:

Numbers for this month:

2018 membership closed at 530.

During the year there were also 5 deaths and 2 other deletions recorded from members who had paid for 2018.

Subscription forms and membership cards are now available, and it is likely to be busy at the membership desk on 12th. Mary Ross has again volunteered to help by monitoring the queue to check members have forms completed etc.

Meeting Attendances



































9. Group Co-ordinator’s Report:

Mention has gone into the newsletter for the following proposed groups.

Digital photography,

Photoshop digital picture work

Afternoon Tea

Val Pyburn is giving up the leadership of the Chinese Brush Painting due to ill health, I am asking if there is another group member who would take on the group or suggesting the members join the art group so they can continue their work.

The Group Leaders Meeting and lunch with the helpers joining us was successful and Sukie and John put on a performance! Several useful points were raised and I will include in my summary of the meeting, which will go to all group leaders, an item containing guidelines for contacting members. hopefully we can talk about this at the meeting.

Backgammon group is now up and running.

If any group purchases assets they must keep a record and inform the Treasurer so he can put them on the asset register. (This will be included in the group leaders notes)

10. Speaker Finder’s Report:

Nothing to report at the moment as I am not contacting possible speakers for 2020 until after Christmas.

11. Newsletter Issues: none

12. Newsletter Distribution Report:

We require 85 paper newsletters, so a print run of 90 is still just enough.

Newsletters should also have subscription forms stapled to them on the front this month.

13. Welfare Officer’s Report:

It was thought that at each meeting Welfare would have a few mins slot to disseminate information as necessary, and in Newsletter

14. Publicity Report: We have had an invite from the English riviera magazine. Linda N and Peter T will meet Anita Newcombe to discuss the article

15 New members report

One potential new member attended the ‘Meet the U3A’ event on 6th November. No one visited the New Members’ Area at the General Meeting on 14th November.

16 Outings

1. Bennetts outing to the Longleat’s Festival of Lights will be going ahead on Saturday 8th December with 18 of our members and 2 cancellations. I am given to believe that all the members have now been telephoned and informed of pick up times. No refunds have been offered by Bennett’s but they have promised to try to resell the 2 cancellations.

2. There has been a very slow take up of the three day trip to Warwickshire with our own private 38 seater coach from Torquay which I have organised with just a total of 6 people so far who have shown any interest. At such a good price it would be a shame if we had to let this go so I have therefore asked Rodger Smith from Paignton U3A if he would be willing to share with his members also. Can I ask that all Committee Members promote this trip at their earliest opportunity? Other local U3A to be approached

17. Notice board

18. Regional News and South Devon Link:

19 Website

It was mentioned at group leaders meeting that leaders need to look at their sites and inform Peter B of any updates

19. AOB:

1. An article for next newsletter about scams asking for money

2. Little snippets at the meeting and in the Newsletter about IT security

3. “Not Just the Bus Pass” don’t want to clash with Ageing Well festival so in limbo about fixing date. Venue probably Boys Grammar School.

4. Agreed that the privacy notice and associated document would be updated to describe how member enquires regarding contact information are handled (action PT)

5. It was agreed that the we will have mince pies at the next meeting.

6. Direct bank payment is not possible at moment

7. An email from HousingLin are requesting information, we will put an article in the Newsletter with forwarding details. The full notice would be put on the noticeboard

8. Pat Gorin asked for permission to spend money (£24) on gifts for Kitchen helpers. Agreed by committee

9. It was agreed that a gift of £25 would be given to the deputy caretaker at central church

10. AGM. We will start with a fun quiz, details to be discussed in January. We also need to have a meeting for all those who would like to become part of the committee in the last week of January.

The meeting closed at 11. 35

Signed:   L Nolan. date: 3rd Jan. 2019




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