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Ten Pin Bowling

 Leader:   Mervyn Gibbs

Contact:  here 

When:    1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. 2.00pm

Where:   Upton Social Club, 46-48 Upton Road Torquay TQ1 4AX

Cost:       £1 non-members or 30p members.


This a combined group with Wellswood W.I.; who were the original organiser, mapping the initial rules. Torbay U3A were invited to join them and generally there is 50% of each organization now attending.
It costs £1 for non-members plus our 30p.  On the other hand for members it is only 30p and membership is about £12 per year. For those who play Canasta membership would actually be a cost saving as they play twice a month.

Initially the House Rules were printed on sheets of A4 but have been revised and are now presented in an easy to handle A5 booklet format. No longer free, new members buy their copy (printing cost only) if they wish but each table is offered a book to which they may refer. The rules are now revised annually in January/February and this depends on regular members informing me of their preferences and any additions they think pertinent. All members abide by the House Rules, except for one in particular – ‘aiming to achieve tranquility’ we tend to be a little rowdy at times and whilst there is a good deal of concentration (as in any game) there is also a lot of laughter.

We have tried having our breaks table by table as it suited the current hand in progress; this meant that there was no interaction between members and so by general consensus we decided to have a drinks break at approximately 3.30pm. this tends to be short and we all return to our tables to continue.

Although we can meet from 2.00pm till 5.00pm some occasionally have to leave early, which is respected; however this rarely occurs and tables tend to end play when a hand ends in the last 5 – 10 minutes. One member likes to bring her own set of tiles, which is acceptable if her table mates are happy. However we do have enough sets and racks for 4 tables should this be required.

If we are all present, that is 17, we have one extra player; in this case sometimes numbers are split to have a table of three players and one of two players. If we have new players who are just learning then the tutor will be happy to observe and guide moves, two of us tend to share this task.

Folk can easily pick up the basic game and there tends to be some players now who play a fast and efficient game. The depth to which a player wishes to advance their game depends on the individual. At present we need to push further in learning high scoring moves but this will come in time.

N.B. New members should contact me regards parking & entrance arrangements.

Most importantly it is a very varied group but mixes well together, providing friendly competition. Come and join us – you might enjoy it more than you expect.

tel 01803 299037






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